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I believe writing a blog is a very important aspect for a designer as many of them create these online personal journals to promote their work and themselves. My favourite blog post I have produced was ‘Burka; Religion, terrorism or fashion?‘ The reason why I enjoyed writing this the most was because I already have knowledge about … Continue reading

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Has Hip-hop style turned gay?

Hip-hop has maybe gone past its comfort zone recently with ‘men-skirts’ to extremely skinny jeans. But where has this all stemmed from? Black African and Latino Youths started off the trend of baggy tracksuits, sportswear, over-sized t shirts, jeans hanging low, brightly coloured silk clothes with heavy gold chains which was then known as Hip-hop fashion. … Continue reading

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Is this really a mans world? or would it be nothing without a women or a girl?

Do we live in a society where men go to work to earn money and women stay at home to cook and clean? Well this may have been the case many years ago. But recently the society have become open minded about who wears the trousers! This font cover shot, on Dossier magazine, shows a … Continue reading

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Is Recycled clothing rubbish stitched together?

“Designers are now getting it right. There is a big change from five or ten years ago when clothes weren’t sustainable and were horrible,” Willie Walters Each year we waste 1.1m tonnes of clothing! Sustainability is saving the planet so that we can continue to have resources such as water and materials for human health and the … Continue reading